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Our Medical Team

Our Doctors are all highly qualified and experienced to meet your needs. Some Doctors have special interests in certain areas. Find out more...

Our Nursing Team

Our nurses are highly trained and work closely with our doctors. They assess and treat a wide range of conditions. In addition to offering advice on minor illnesses, our nurses can prescribe certain medications under the supervision of a doctor. Find out more...

Our nurses also manage specialised clinics for patients with long term conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and asthma.

Long Term Conditions

Many patients are diagnosed with long term conditions such as respiratory or cardiac problems or high blood pressure. These conditions can be very well controlled with correct treatments, advice and information.

The Practice employs a team of Specialist Nurses who offer clinic appointments for the management of these conditions. Our nurses work closely with our doctors. Attendance at a clinic gives you the opportunity to increase your knowledge and understanding of your condition as well as having your symptoms monitored. Most clinics are held weekly and you will be invited to attend.

These clinics include:

Useful Links:



Drop in Clinic for Blood Tests

We have just introduced a new service – a drop-in clinic for blood tests. This service is available Monday to Friday from 08.00 – 12.00 at the Leighton Road site.

However please be aware there is a limit to the number of patients that can safely be seen. There may be occasions when due to a particularly high demand the list will  be closed and you will be asked to return another day.

It is suitable for any blood tests – ie routine, urgent, fasting and non-fasting (these MUST have been requested by a doctor).

Patients simply turn up give their name to reception and join the queue for their blood test – patients will be seen in the order that they arrive.

Please note this clinic is for BLOOD TESTS only.

Baby Clinic

Baby Immunisation Clinic is every Thursday 9.00am - 13.00pm at our Branch Surgery at Ridgeway Court. These sessions are by appointment only, so be sure to book an appointment.

There is a Health Visitor Clinic:

Monday Bideford Green Community Centre 12:30pm - 2:30pm
Wednesday Astral Park Community Centre 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Friday Astral Park Community Centre 9:30am - 11:30am

Please ask at reception for further information.

Free Health Check

Are you between 40 and 74 years old?

If you are, and you do not have an existing diagnosed vascular disease, i.e. heart disease, stroke, diabetes or kidney disease, then please call the Surgery on 01525 372 571 between 9.00am and 5.00pm to book your free NHS Check.

For more information about the health check see the attached leaflet.

Leighton Road Sexual Health Large

NEW Brook and Terrence Higgins Trust

Brook and Terrence Higgins Trust Contraception and Sexual Health Clinics offer appointments at the Ridgeway Court Branch of Leighton Road Surgery (LRS@RidgewayCourt).

The Clinic is held Every Monday between 3.15pm and 6.15pm and is suitable for the following:
  • Repeat pills
  • Depo injection
  • Patches
  • Emergency contraception
  • FULL STI Screening - including rapid HIV testing
  • Treatment for Chlamydia and other STI's
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Implant and Coil consultations
Call 01234 761090 for more information and to book an appointment. First appointment usually takes 30 minutes.

The Sphere Clinic

This clinic aims to help and advise you about contraception and sexual health.

The clinic runs every Tuesday afternoon from 3.00pm – 6.00pm and one Saturday a month from 8.30am - 12.45pm (check the homepage for the date) at our Branch Surgery LRS@Ridgeway Court.

To book please phone 01525 372571 or ask at either reception. 

  • Registered and non-registered patients can book an appointment. 
  • The clinic is open to males and females of any age. 
  • Everything discussed is confidential 
  • We can advise on and fit the contraceptive coils and implants. 
  • We can prescribe the emergency pill (morning after pill). 
  • We can test and treat you for STIs (sexually transmitted infections) including Chlamydia.
  • Most  treatments are free (no prescription charge). 
  • We can refer you  to a GUM (sexual health) clinic if necessary.

Hearing Advisory Service

Hearing Advisory Service which enables patients from Leighton Buzzard to have their hearing aids serviced, repaired and cleaned. Please ring 01707 324 582.

Healthy Living Advice

The nurses and Healthcare Assistants are happy to check your blood pressure, urine and weight as well as giving advice about diet, relaxation, mental health, exercise, smoking, alcohol and drug use. Blood tests can be arranged as advised by your GP.

Patients over 45 years of age are recommended to have their blood pressure measured every 5 years – we may periodically invite these patients to come to have this done or patients can book an appointment with our nursing team.

For more information on Healthy Living at every age visit NHS Choices Live Well website.

Activities for Health

The practice is part of the Activities for Health referral scheme with Tiddenfoot Leisure Centre. Individuals that would qualify for the scheme include those with:

  • Obesity/overweight
  • Family history of heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes

Book a telephone consultation with a doctor to discuss.

Smoking Cessation

We are able to offer Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and Champix.

Quitters often need extra support to keep motivated and focused whilst leaving their life as a smoker behind.

Michelle our Nurse and Laurelin our Healthcare assistant can support you with this. Every smoker is unique. With support and  the right information, over the 12 week program you can quit!

We all know smoking is bad for you, but here are some facts which might surprise you:
  • Did you know that smoking is the biggest cause of death and illness in the UK.
  • More than 120,000 people die each year from smoking related illness
  • After 35 years of age, for each year you continue to smoke you lose about 3 months of life.
  • If you can stop before the age of 35, your risk of dying is not that different to those who never smoked.
To receive help, please download and complete this form and then return it to a receptionist.

Useful websites

No Smoking Day: Find out more about people like you ready to kick the habit.

ASH: Action on Smoking and Health

Smoking Cessation: NHS Choices Site 

Gosmokefree: This website contains detailed information about the free NHS support services.


Non NHS Services, Reports & Medicals

There are a vast number of non NHS forms that require a doctors attention.

For most of these there will be a charge which you must pay in advance. Download our Fees for Non NHS Services. We now accept all major credit and debit cards (excluding American Express and Diners).

As a guide please allow 21 working days for forms to be completed, this time frame however cannot be guaranteed, it is dependent on Doctor availability and workload.

Please read the form carefully and fill in and sign any parts that you need to complete before you bring the form to the surgery.

You will be contacted by phone when your form is ready for collection. Please do not ring the surgery unless you have not heard from us after 21 days. (Dealing with phone enquires delays the whole process).

Carers Project

‘The National Strategy for Carers’ defines carers as ‘people who look after a relative or friend who needs support because of age, physical disability or illness, including mental illness’. The time spent caring may range from a a few hours per week to total 24 hour attention.

Caring is a commitment which can create problems for carers, for example:

  • Lack of time for living your own life
  • Neglecting own health
  • Financial difficulties
  • Isolation from friends etc.
  • Stress and worry, causing ill health
  • Resentment

Our Carer’s Register was set up to identify those patients whose own health is at risk because they are caring for a relative, friend or neighbour.

We want to ensure that our patients who are carers are not neglecting their own health and emotional needs.

We offer an appropriate health check if necessary as well as support, encouragement and reassurance to those caring for someone.

Sometimes just a little guidance and re assurance can make all the difference to the carers “extra work”

We may be able to offer help with those problems that the carer feels unable to cope with or perhaps just does not understand eg financial problems, organising respite care or house aids.

If we cannot help then we will try to find someone who can.


To find out more, please contact the surgery on 01525 372571. 

If you would like us to contact you, please provide us with your details on the Carer Information Form.

For more information download the Bedfordshire Carers Pack.

You can also get advice, information and support from Carers in Bedfordshire in the following ways:

Phone: 0300 111 1919
Email: contact@carersinbeds.or.uk

Useful websites

Patient Transport Changes

Non- Emergency Patient Transport Service (NEPTS) have confirmed that the new provider call centre will be open from Monday 27th February 2017 to take telephone and online bookings, for transport requests required from 4th March 2017 onwards. The number for the new provider, Private Ambulance Service (PAS) is 0208 045 4254.When patients call to book transport, they will be assessed for need. Transport will only be booked for those patients whose medical need or mobility means that they cannot travel by any other means. Any patients who do not meet the criteria for NHS transport will be signposted to alternative door-to-door transport options, such as the voluntary car scheme.

Patients are to ensure they have their NHS number to hand when they call to book a journey.

When patients call to book transport, they will be assessed for need. Transport will only be booked for those patients whose medical need or mobility means that they cannot travel by any other means. Any patients who do not meet the criteria for NHS transport will be signposted to alternative door-to-door transport options, such as the voluntary car scheme.

This means that some patients who currently receive transport may no longer qualify from 1 April. Journeys can be booked between two weeks and two working days in advance.

Patients must have their NHS number to hand when they call the patient line.

Private hearing and ear wax removal

Private hearing and ear wax removal service available every Thursday at our Leighton Road site.

Ear wax removal by an experienced Audiologist. 

Micro suction treatment at £65 - for immediate and safe relief from a build-up of ear wax please visit www.thehearingclinicmk.co.uk.

Private Referrals

If you need a private referral please note:

  • You need to speak to a GP BEFORE a referral letter can be done
  • Appointments for this are not urgent - therefore you will be given a routine appointment. It will NOT be done during the 'on the day' clinic
  • It may be possible to see the private doctor without a referral letter (check with your consultants secretary)
  • We cannot do 'open' referral letters, we need to have the name of the consultant you are seeing.
  • It will take up to 5 days to process the letter from when you speak to your GP.

Please contact the secretaries if you need clarification on this process.


Are you prepared for your trip?

The Leighton Clinic can offer you:

  • Up to date Individually Tailored Travel Health Advice
  • All travel vaccinations available including Typhoid, Rabies, Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B
  • Leighton Buzzard’s only Yellow Fever Centre
  • Malaria Prevention
  • Free parking

Find out more...

For enquiries and appointments please contact reception on 01525 372571.

It is important to arrange to have your vaccinations 6 - 8 weeks before departure as some schedules involve more than 1 injection. If you are travelling in under 4 weeks you may not get an appointment and may have to go to another travel clinic.

Useful websites to look at for travel advice and recommended vaccinations:




Before travelling overseas, it is important to be aware of the possible health risks and how to prevent problems, or minimise the chances of them occurring. Most importantly, you should know:

  • whether there are any specific health risks in the country you are travelling to for which you need to take precautions - for example, malaria
  • how to avoid becoming ill when you are abroad
  • what to do if you do become ill when you are abroad
  • how to get emergency medical treatment when you are abroad

Our travel services offer advice on travel illnesses and a full range of vaccinations. In order for you to prepare for travel, call reception to make a travel appointment.

If you are travelling abroad  you will need to start thinking about your travel vaccinations as soon as you book your holiday. As some vaccinations can take time to be effective.

For more information please visit the websites below:

External Websites:

Travel Illnesses and Vaccinations - NHS Choices

Fit for Travel

Travel Health

FCO Travel Advice


Videos from NHS Choices:

A simple guide to health precautions when travelling abroad, including vaccinations, taking condoms and a first aid kit, and being careful about drinking water.


Malaria is a parasitic infection spread by mosquitoes. This video explains out how the infection attacks different areas of the body and what you can do to avoid getting the disease in the first place.


In the UK, 2,000 people a year die from malignant melanoma, and it's increasing. See an expert and real people talk about how to stay safe in the sun.